I am a Conservative Voice for the community of West Chester!

Promises Made & Kept Under My First Term
“Key Highlights”

Revive West Chester’s Vision.

  • Changed Zoning Posture to support existing business expansion, Attract New Businesses and drive new housing starts - Expanding our tax base. 
  • Actively Expanded development in TIF Districts to help drive sustainable revenue growth that supports police and fire services and Lakota Schools – Reducing / eliminating police, fire and school levies.

Drive Business Development & Infrastructure Improvement 

  • Expanding & Diversifying Business Base – (52% Prof. services, 19.3% Retail, Food, Entertainment & Lodging, 20.7% Manufacturing and 8% Distribution.
  • Over 3,600 Business Call West Chester Home – Attracting Businesses & Jobs -  Beating state & National Unemployment rate 1.7% vs. 4.9%
  • Expanded TIF Districts – Generating sustainable revenue for infrastructure improvements, critical services & our schools – Reducing/Eliminates levy’s
  • Upgrade Roads & Lighting - Old West Chester, Tylersville Rd. Corridor, Liberty Interchange, Traffic Quieting Roundabouts, New I-75 / Union Center interchange is now in planning and more.

Shine an Honest Light on Spending & Operations  

  • Conservative business approach to all routine operating and improvement expenditures.  Balancing Budgets with strong fiscal stewardship.
  • Adopted “Open.Gov” Software – providing transparency on government budgets, spending and departmental performance.
  • Actively fought for Police Body Cams – providing protection to both police and West Chester Citizens -  Active Field Testing is underway.

My Accomplishments

  • Championed TOTAL Transparency of township revenues, spending and service performance and after three years of research and analysis purchased OpenGov Smart Government Platform and OpenGov Open Data that provides both quantitative AND qualitative information! Launching October 2017.
  • Championed the purchase of Body Worn Cameras for our Police Department and after four years of research and investigation purchased the Axon Enterprises solution (with 5 year maintenance contract) for $151,999.05 at our September 26, 2017 meeting.
  • Higher Functioning Zoning that’s Business Friendly!
  • Streets of West Chester Revitalized – Civic Centre Blvd extension opened earlier this year costing $5 million and connecting to Allen Rd. Streets of West Chester is emerging as West Chester's Entertainment District. Partnered with BCEO under Greg Wilkens leadership to 
  • Nearly 1,500 acres (1,469) of new shopping, dining and entertainment amenities have been developed (or are under construction) in West Chester since 2013.
  • West Chester Springs Urbanesque Apt Complex $7M more.
  • Pushed back on the Becket Kroger Marketplace developer to protect the residents north of Tylersville Rd in Providence Manor by demading the green space buffering be installed in Phase I, not Phase II.

What I Stand For

I am a Genuine Fiscal Conservative and practice responsible fiscal management in my own household and business, and manage West Chester Township tax dollars as if they were my own.

I believe in complete transparency of all West Chester tax dollar spending and holding township officials accountable to their jobs and budgets.

I support initiatives to Limit the Size and Scope of Government and to Grow Individual Prosperity through Free Markets!

Regarding West Chester Township, when I first came to office four years ago my first act was to make our Zoning Department less hostile and punitive to residents and businesses! We've achieved this and today, West Chester Township has a reputation of being "business friendly" and we're attracting new businesses and developments, thus promoting economic development.  A "business friendly" Zoning Department with reduced red tape and regulations are essential.

We need to properly equip our township departments for high efficiency and for serving & protecting the interests of our citizens and community.

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